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Innovation in Food Processing Systems Since 1919


IJ White designs and manufactures spiral systems with the latest energy savings technology.  Our diverse product lines has are engineered for multiple product applications in diverse industries, including: food processing, baking, canning and bottling, pet food, pouch processing, and many others.

Our innovative line of Vertical Processing Systems includes spiral freezers, blast freezing and refrigerated cooling systems, hydro coolers, proofing product conveyors, drying and curing systems and more. Hundreds of companies trust IJ White to provide reliable, safe, and efficient industrial processing systems.

IJ White Systems through the ultra series product range represents the most innovative solutions in industrial food processing for vertical proofing, cooling, chilling and freezing systems. As the leader in spiral food manufacturing systems our team prides itself on solving challenges that yield cost savings and ongoing process improvements for our customers.

Our Design Engineers, Technical Service Team and Field Technicians Look Forward to Working With Your Team!

  • Innovations

    IJ White’s new technology and innovative spiral systems lead to increased productivity. Technology and innovation lead to better quality finished product, more automated control and greater system reliability.
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  • OEM Service

    If it is service you are looking for, IJ White has you covered. Our staff of service technicians is highly trained and available for field or factory service…whichever suits your schedule best.
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  • Tech Services / Support / Parts

    At IJ White, we know your business demands more than just quality systems and service. That’s why you can count on the Technical Service Group to offer the additional resources, reach and know-how…
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