Belting – Choices For Your IJ White Spiral

Belting for Your Spiral System

As a system manufacturer of Ambient Cooler, Blast Chilling and Freezing Spiral Systems, IJ White offers a wide variety of metal-backbone/plastic-surface (hybrid) and all-metal conveyor belts for use in lotension systems. These belts allow the end user optimal production possibilities, while ensuring strength, durability and product release characteristics required for the most demanding applications.

Belting Manufacturers

There are various types and styles of belting that are available for the use on spirals. Unlike straight running conveyors, spirals can only use belts which can make a radius turn, which limits the types and styles that can be used on these systems.

Belts as listed by Manufacturer:

  • Ashworth
  • Cambridge
  • Flex
  • Habasit
  • Intralox
  • KVP
  • Mesh
  • Rod

The final decision of selecting a belt of your choice should be made between you, the manufacturer of the spiral and the belt manufacture. We also list a short description of the belts main characteristics for your initial evaluation, as well as a general comparison between plastic belts and metal belts within our Resource Center. To discuss your system and other options

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