IJ White Spiral System Health Check – Benefits

System Health Check – Service Contracts – Aftermarket Parts

Every IJ White System is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life. Our Field Technicians and Technical Support Group will help you maintain that built-in value through ongoing System Health Checks, Service Contracts and Aftermarket Parts and Material.

What is a System Health Check?

A System Health Check is an arrangement between IJ White’s Technical Support Team and you to keep your IJ White System in top operating condition. The System Health Check is designed to assist you by proactively monitoring your system and driving down operating costs. The goal is to help you achieve greater production up-time at a lower cost and higher efficiency.

This individualized plan covers the following major milestones:

Belt Condition and Maintenance:

  • Belt Tension
  • Belt Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Wear Strip Condition
  • Determine Belt Condition and Estimate the Remaining Belt Life
  • Check Belt Path in Spiral and Belt Return Areas
  • Examine the Spiral Structure and Components for Signs of Damage

Belt Drive Condition and Maintenance:

  • Check Motor and Reducer Condition
  • Belt Drive Sprocket Configuration
  • Lubrication of Drive Chains and Bearings
  • Review of Speed Ratios and Belt Tension Control Settings

Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance

  • Review all System PM Cleaning Schedules and Procedures
  • Review Wear Strip Lubrication and Ragging Procedures
  • Review Wear Strip Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Review Critical Spare Parts on Hand

System Start-Up and Final Training:

During the start-up of the System the Technician will train your Operators and be available to review the following with your Plant Personnel:

  • Correct setup of the System (Belt Tensions, Speed Rations, Amp Readings)
  • Proper setup of Lubricants and Safety Sensors
  • Review Training Materials, Manuals and Operational Videos
  • Provide a Final Health Check Report with Observations, Recommendations and Action Items

To schedule a System Health Check or to find out more about ongoing Service Contracts and Aftermarket Parts please contact your Dedicated Account Manager today!


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