Pouch Processing

pouch-processI.J. WHITE POUCH SYSTEMS: Designed to provide constant temperatures for pouches after filling.

Utilizing steam or hot water in an all stainless steel insulated enclosure, HOT / HOLD provides food pouch packaging a uniform environment at a constant temperatures.

The food pouch packaging system is designed to lower your energy costs and maximize the line throughput. These food packaging company systems save valuable floor space and can handle a variety of different size pouches.


Providing concentrated airflow across the product zone, AIR BLAST CHILLER, is designed to cool pouches more uniformly than traditional coolers. I.J. WHITE uses  the latest in Stainless Steel tube refrigeration coils for superior hygiene. These systems are engineered to elevate your production lines sanitation standards. These Ultra Series Systems have available our patented Pouch Agitation Technology (PAT) which has proven to reduce chilling times and save energy. Contact us today for more information.