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thumb-jun13June Tech Tip – IJW’s Main Drive Systems: Increasing Production and Reducing Costs
IJ White Motor Base Technologies are sized and configured to match your product and processing requirements precisely. Chain Driven and Direct Drive Technologies customized and selected to meet your production volumes.

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news-2June 13, 2013 – As featured in Baking&Snack – June 2013
Simplifying maintenance, sanitation and operation of IJ White spirals has been part of the continued advancement and technology improvements of the last decade. Including research and development that has lead to Patents in Belt Tensioning, Small Product Transfer, Cleaning Systems and Solutions, and much more. To find out more about IJ White Spiral Solutions contact our Sales Engineering Team at 631-293-2211.

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newsJune 12, 2013 – As featured in Baking&Snack – June 2013

Baker’s Pride takes advantage of Dual Process Cooling / Icing Set in a Single Space Saving Footprint Design with Continuous Icing Station.
To find out more on the Ultra Series Cooling and Icing Set System and Blast Freezing Systems contact us today

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May'13_ThumbnailMay Tech Tip – Lower Maintenance Costs with IJW’s Adjustable Drive Circle

May’s Tech Tip has been published. Read more about how IJW’s Adjustable Drive Circle (ADC) permits increase drive cage diameter.

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April13_ThumbnailApril Tech Tip – IJ White’s APS Increases Uptime on Your Blast Freezer

April’s Tech Tip has been published. Read more about how our Auto Pressurization System will improve the performance of your Blast Freezer.

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march_2013March Tech Tip – System and Belt Protection with FSS

March’s Tech Tip has been published. Read more about how IJ White provides maximum protection with new safety solutions to improve the operation of your system.

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planetJoin Us at BakingTech 2013: March 3-5 2013

Our Sales Engineering and Technical Service Team Will Be in Attendance!

We look forward to visiting with you and discussing your New System and Existing System Needs.

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feb2013February Tech Tip – Automating Your Spiral with IJ White Control Panel

February’s Tech Tip has been published. Read more about Automation, History and Trending Data that is available from IJW’s Control Panel.

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thumb-jan13January Tech Tip – Keeping Your IJ White Spiral Refrigeration Coils Clean and Energy Efficient

January’s Tech Tip has been published. Read more about how maintaining your spiral refrigeration coils is an important part of keeping your cooling and freezing production lines in top shape and essential to running efficiently.

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