Pouch Cooling / Water Cascade

pouch_cooling_water_cascadeIJ WHITE POUCH COOLING SYSTEMS are ideal for hot-filled products in pouches such as sauces, gravy, syrups, meats, soups and tomato based products. Other applications include product in sealed cups such as pudding and jello.

Designed to improve product quality and increase shelf life, these systems provide even product cooling and reduce cooling times.

Different methods of Heat Transfer for Pouch Cooling include:

Ambient Water – Cooling down to +90°F
Chilled Water – Cooling below +80°F
Blast Cooling – Product cooling down to +40°F

Some of the problems associated with traditional Horizontal Systems are very large footprints, longer dwell time and product damage from transfers. IJ WHITE POUCH COOLING SYSTEMS much smaller footprint save you valuable floorspace and virtually eliminate transfers.

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