System Upgrades

system-new-2System Upgrades Increase production and decrease operating costs when enhancing your new or existing system. Our System Upgrade Packages can help get the most from your IJ White System.

In most cases, we can retro-fit our upgrades to other manufacturers’ systems as well.

1. Auto Pressurization System (APS)

2. PrecisionLUB – Auto Lubrication

3. Automatic Belt Tension (ABT)

4. Access and Maintenance Platforms:

system-newAccess platforms can be provided at approximately mid-height of the system to provide access for Maintenance and Sanitation to the Take-Up Motor & Transfer Point.

  • Open Grid Deck
  • Integral Kick Plates
  • Caged Vertical Ladders
  • Continuous Handrails
  • Safety Access Stairs

5. Auto Grease System (AGS):

VAIC14The AGS is designed to automatically grease the majority of the bearings on our Ultra Series Systems.

  • Eliminates Labor
  • Improves Bearing Life
  • Improves Safety: no climbing
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost: fewer failures
  • Reduces Energy Cost: improves lubrication
  • More Production Run Time

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