Re-Engineered Systems

One of the great benefits of IJ White Ultra Series is the long term value engineered in every industrial food processing system.

This attention to design detail with future flexibility allows us to re-engineer existing food processing equipment systems.

Virtually every IJ White System can be modified to meet future industrial food processing requirements.

Technical Services Group

Our Tech Services Group maintains a detailed record of our industrial food processing systems.

We can upgrade and customize an existing system to meet your processing company requirements:

  • Change the Configuration: enter or discharge in a new location
  • Reverse the Direction: Ascending to Descending / Descending to Ascending
  • Change the Rotation: Clockwise or Counter-clockwise.

These are just some of the technical services provided to your food processing equipment.


Our Five (5) Star Program Includes:
We can customize your existing IJ White System to meet your new production line needs.
Once a system has gone through our 5 Star Program the following is available:

  • Belt Inspection and Approval by the Belt Manufacturer
  • New Wear Components: pulleys, sprockets, rollers, wear strips and bearings
  • So your food processing equipment is cleaned and ready to go back into service
  • Drive System is sound and fully operational with new system customizations
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty on all IJ White Parts

Listed below are a few of the systems currently available. Please call us at 631-293-2211 for the latest information on food processing equipment or email our Technical Service Group at System Sales: sales@ijwhite.com