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June 2013
IJ White’s Chain Driven and Direct Drive Technologies incorporate spiral system innovations that offer great commonality in operating procedures, food processing solutions and with upstream and down-stream equipment.

Adjustable Drive Circle (ADC) – For Chain Driven Systems the new rapid drive cage design compensates for chain elongation and allows for clean and quick maintenance.

Direct Drive System (DDS) – Eliminating drive chains, oiling and sprockets resulting in less maintenance and superior sanitation.
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May 2013
IJ White’s Vertical Processing Systems have become the standard in today’s Food Processing production lines, saving valuable square footage, eliminating transfer points: all resulting in better production. At IJ White we have focused on making spiral systems easier to maintain and more efficient to operate.
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April 2013
IJ White’s APS Increases Uptime on Your Blast Freezer Processing freezing operations are high volume, critical production systems that must operate continuously to make a profit. High levels of moisture in production facilities can cause expensive and unproductive interruptions as a result of the need to defrost evaporator coils and to remove ice from spirals infeeds / discharges, floors and walls. Summary of This Month’s Update »
March 2013
IJ White’s Fail Safe System (FSS) Protects Your Belt and System IJ White provides maximum protection with new safety solutions to improve the operation of your system. To increase efficiency and productivity our Fail Safe System (FSS) monitors each level of the system using the following: Summary of This Month’s Update »
February 2013
Automation, History and Trending Available From IJW’s Control Panels Producing quality goods at the lowest possible cost is a major concern for the food and baking industries. Manufacturers are responding by identifying opportunities to improve production efficiency by using information systems that monitor system operations. The IJ White Control Panel provides critical AMP Reading Trending and Alarm History to identify concerns before they become issues. Summary of This Month’s Update »
January 2013
Keeping Your IJ White Spiral Refrigeration Coils Clean and Energy Efficient. Maintaining your spiral refrigeration coils is an important part of keeping your cooling and freezing production lines in top shape and essential to running efficiently. A refrigeration system is one of the most expensive systems to operate in your plant and regular maintenance is required to reduce your costs. Summary of This Month’s Update »

December 2012
Maximize Production Time: Automatically Lubricating Your Main Drive Chain! The steps you can take to ensure that your Ultra Series System performs at peak capacity include regular lubrication of drive components, close monitoring of motors and reducers, keeping critical system components in stock, and proper training of your maintenance personnel.
November 2012
Think Outside the Box – Maintain your Spiral Freezer: To get more of your IJW Spiral Freezer, you must maintain your system. When doing your maintenance review and checklist review the following:

  • Check Refrigeration Coils are operating as near to frost free as possible.
  • Reduce Frequency of Coil Defrosts

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October 2012
Aggressive Cleaning and Sanitization with The Typhoon Belt Washer and Powerwash 2000 In food processing, plant cleanliness is an absolute imperative. Improving and maintaining plant hygiene from a regulatory and production perspective is critical. Product spillage and buildup on conveyors and machinery provides opportunities for contamination – costing millions of dollars in lost production and product recalls.
September 2012
Automatically Balance The Pressure Differential and Infeed and Discharge of Your Blast Freezer. In the past year, we’ve had tremendous success installing several Auto Pressurization Systems (APS) on existing Blast Freezers.

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Dramatically Increase Production Time
  • Reduce Frequency of Coil Defrosts
  • Control Air Filtration
  • Minimize Cold Air Spillage
  • PLC Controlled and Monitored

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May 2012
Blast Freezing Auto Pressurization (APS) Automatically balances the pressure differential at infeed and discharge on spiral blast freezers.

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Dramatically Increase Production Time
  • Reduce Frequency of Coil Defrosts
  • Control Air Filtration
  • Minimize Cold Air Spillage
  • PLC Controlled and Monitored

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March 2012
Control Moisture and Preserve Product Quality With IJ White’s Pure-Air System Technology Pure-Air® Bread and Rolls Cooling Systems designed to control the environmental conditions in bread cooling, reducing energy costs, improve product quality and increase product shelf life. Today’s ever-more stringent regulatory requirements make control of air a critical issue.

  • Controls Moisture and Preserves Product Quality
  • Temperature
  • Room Pressurization
  • Contamination
  • Filtration
  • Air Circulation

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November 2011
Schedule Year-end Maintenance Repairs with IJ White’s System Health Care Check! We’re here to help you keep your system in top running condition. Email or call 631-386-6471 to schedule a visit or order parts. Summary of This Month’s Update »
October 2011
See How IJ White’s Pouch Processing System will Efficiently Handle Your Hot/Hold Requirements Ultra Series Pouch Processing Systems are ideal for a variety of pouch processing needs with no flip transfers, a much smaller footprint and more energy efficiency than traditional horizontal processing systems. Summary of This Month’s Update »
September 2011
IJ White’s Extended Production System (EPS) and Continuous Production System (CPS) Increases Production Throughput.Extended Production System (EPS)
Designed to control moist air that traditional Blast Freezers allow to infiltrate into the Blast Freezing System. EPS provides automated pressurization balancing that removes moisture from infiltrating air before it can accumulate as frost or ice on the Blast Freezing Coils. Summary of This Month’s Update »
August 2011
IJ White Provides the Latest in Blast Freezing Technology to Freeze Product, Run Continuously and PLC ControlledThermal-Pak
Thermal-Pak Blast Freezing Systems are designed to freeze product evenly and quickly, reducing moisture loss. With controlled airflow at a constant high velocity across the product zone, product quality is always consistent Summary of This Month’s Update »
July 2011
Is it Time to Flip or Turn Your Metal Spiral Belt? – Let IJ White’s Technical Service Group AssistPure-Air® Cooling Systems
Bread and Rolls
Designed to control the environmental conditions in bread and roll cooling. The system reduces energy costs, improves product quality and can increase product shelf life. Today’s ever-more stringent regulatory requirements make air quality control a critical issue. Summary of This Month’s Update »