Why an IJ White Blast Freezing and Chilling System?

THERMAL-PAK® and PURE-AIR® represent the Baking and Food Processing Industries most innovative solutions in freezing and chilling.

Exceeding the stringent requirements of our customers: Cost-Efficient, Long-Life, Energy Efficient and Customized to Their Final Application.
IJ White Spiral Freezers and Chillers are designed for hygiene, high-efficiency and reliability. From ready-meals to muffins and cookies to par-baked or fully cooked products, we engineer solutions to ensure correct product temperature discharge on continuous production lines.
  • Extensive Experience in Freezing and Chilling Food Processing
  • Engineered with the Most Innovative Technology in Spiral Manufacturing
  • Custom Designed and Tailor-Manufactured Solutions to Your Product Specifications
  • Full Integration to Your Process Flow Design
  • Ultra Series 2 Flexible Configurations
  • TCS – Total Cleaning Solutions
  • Hygienic Design and Manufacturing with Fully Welded Stainless Steel from Floor to Enclosure

For more information on how THERMAL-PAK® and PURE-AIR® Spiral Blast Freezers and Chillers Contact us Today!