• Baking

    From hearth breads to fine pastries, I.J. WHITE offers the systems food processing companies need to process their baked goods.

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  • Canning/Bottling

    Food processing facilities offer canning and bottling provide prolonged shelf life for many products. To preserve nutrition and product safety, a number of methods are used.

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  • Food Processing

    At I.J. WHITE, we have developed systems to efficiently handle a variety of your food processing needs. We work with food processing companies to provide customized solutions.

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  • Industrial

    I.J. WHITE has extensive experience in engineering systems for our industrial customer base who specialize in processing myriad items. From stereo equipment to cosmetics; let us help you optimize your productivity.

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  • Pet Food

    Sustainability has become a critical factor in pet food production in recent years, let I.J. WHITE help you in reducing energy costs and make pet food processing as efficient as possible.

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  • Pouch Processing

    HOT / HOLD POUCH SYSTEMS: Designed to provide constant hot temperatures for pouches after filling.

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