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IJ WHITE BLAST FREEZING SYSTEMS have been leading the industry for more than three decades by integrating the latest in airflow and refrigeration technologies for today’s demanding production facilities.

Ultra Series incorporates high efficiency, energy saving coils that are engineered for superior sanitation. With our Sequential Defrost packages and Auto-Pressurization Systems (APS),  IJ White’s Blast Freezers reduce defrost downtime, increase production throughput with longer production runs at lower operating costs.


  • Corrosion-Proof Construction: Utilizing Stainless Steel and Aluminum to provide cost effective solutions.
  • Thermal-Pak Coils: Optimal heat transfer and low operating costs.
  • Direct Driven Fans: TEFC High Efficiency Motors.
  • High Velocity Multi-Path Airflow and Baffling: Uniform product freezing.
  • Insulated Enclosure that are economical and reliable


Our Extended Production System (EPS) and Continuous Production System (CPS) are revolutionary designs incorporating the latest in refrigeration technology, giving you dramatic increases in production throughput. With Advanced Defrost Control, you can virtually eliminate defrost downtime thus promoting longer production runs.

For continuous uninterrupted production, CPS incorporates all the advanced features of the EPS with coils that can be independently defrosted as required. The complete system is PLC controlled for 24 hour around the clock operation.

IJ WHITE’s Insulated Freezer Enclosure maintains temperature and provides energy and cost savings on a daily basis. Reducing air infiltration the enclosure features wall and ceiling panels that are 5″, thick (13cm), available in Stainless Steel, embossed or enamel finishes.


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