Cooling – Refrigerated

refrigerated-coolingIJ WHITE’s REFRIGERATED COOLING SYSTEMS are engineered to cool sensitive products that cannot be frozen. Through controlled air circulation with high efficiency fans, products are evenly cooled, preserving quality and integrity, while increasing shelf life.

A complete Refrigeration Cooling System can be properly engineered to save time and energy. IJ WHITE’s ULTRA SERIES REFRIGERATION Packages are engineered to provide uniform and highly efficient cooling.

IJ WHITE’s Insulated Enclosure maintains temperature, and provides energy and cost savings on a daily basis. Reducing warm air infiltration, the enclosure features wall and ceiling panels that are 5″, thick (13cm), available in Stainless Steel, embossed or enamel finishes.

IJ WHITE has the expertise to engineer and supply an entire package on any part of the system to meet your requirements: compressors, insulated enclosure, evaporator coils and fans. Our cost effective design incorporates corrosion proof materials with advanced spiral, coil and enclosure designs to provide complete systems that meet the industries toughest standards. So whether you’re cooling cakes, cookies, sweet goods or pies – we see to it that the system is designed with your specific application needs in mind.

IJ WHITE PURE-AIR SYSTEM was designed to reduce production costs, improve product quality and increase production area. PURE-AIR’s unique control package is designed to automatically balance the most energy efficient combination of outside air with refrigerated air so that you can achieve the lowest energy cost.

PURE-AIR controls moisture from the supply air to maintain the correct humidity level throughout the product zone while maintaining the desired product temperature. As a result, product quality is maintained.

I.J. WHITE’s PURE-AIR COOLING SYSTEM can increase your usable floor space up to 35% over traditional spiral systems and 75% when compared with tunnel systems. With coils, fans and condenser units remotely mounted, floor space can be utilized for other production processes.

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