Pouch Processing

puch_processingPouch Processing Ultra Series Systems are ideal for a variety of pouch manufacturers products with no flip transfers, a much smaller footprint and more energy efficiency than traditional horizontal pouch systems.

Our Ultra Series pouches Product Line covers the temperature spectrum for pouch processing from Hot / Hold Systems to Blast Chilling / Freezing food packaging company solutions




hot_hold_chillingHot / Hold Pouch Processing

IJ White’s Hot / Hold Vertical Pouch Processing Systems provide constant high temperature conditions for the appropriate processing time utilizing steam or hot water in an all stainless uniform food packaging company environments.

IJ White Hot / Hold systems are designed to lower energy costs for food packaging companies and maximize line throughput for pouch manufactureres.

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Pouch_CoolingPouch Cooling / Hydro-Chilling / Blast Cooling

IJ WHITE POUCH COOLING SYSTEMS are ideal for hot-filled food packaging company products in pouches such as sauces, gravy, syrups, meats, soups and tomato based products. Other applications include product in sealed cups such as pudding and jello.

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puch_chillingPouch Blast Chilling

IJ White’s Pouch Chilling Vertical Processing Systems (VPS) utilizes patented Pouch Agitation Technology (PAT) to reduce chilling times and potentially improve product quality, and increase a product’s shelf life. Providing concentrated chilling across the product zone, IJ White Pouch Processing Systems allow for more uniformly cooled pouches and integrated with the latest in refrigeration technology these systems can increase energy savings for pouch manufacturers.

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For more information on how our food pouch processing systems can help stream line your food packaging company, call us today at 631-293-2211.