Canning and Bottling | Conveying Systems | Vertical Processing Systems | IJWhiteCanning and bottling provide prolonged shelf life for many products. To preserve nutrition and product safety, a number of methods are used. Hot / Hold, refrigeration, freezing and drying are several of the processes I.J. WHITE can provide for your canning and bottling needs.

Ambient Cooling

ambientIJ WHITE AMBIENT COOLING SYSTEMS are designed to provide long term dependable production. Each system is manufactured, pre-assembled and inspected in our factory prior to shipment, this allows

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Cooling - Refrigerated

refrigerated-coolingIJ WHITE's REFRIGERATED COOLING SYSTEMS are engineered to cool sensitive products that cannot be frozen. Through controlled air circulation with high efficiency fans, products are evenly cooled, preserving quality and

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Conveyor Systems

converyer-systemsIJ WHITE designs and custom manufactures systems that are right for your processing requirements. Custom Conveyor systems can be engineered with belts to convey your specific product and fit your

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Elevate / Lowerate

elevate-lowerateMASS-TIER increases uptime when running different products on one line, provides unrivaled production flexibility. IJ WHITE's USDA design is constructed of closed-end Stainless Steel tubing to provide a corrosion

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HOT / HOLD Systems

hotcoldsystemIJ WHITE HOT / HOLD SYSTEMS are ideal for hot or cold filled products that require a Hot / Hold process. Applications include product in sealed containers such as cups and pouches. Designed to improve product quality and

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Cleaning Systems

cleaning-systemsIJ WHITE provides a full range of cleaning and sanitation packages to help meet today's high standard required for system cleaning. We have leading cleaning technology engineered to provide solutions to

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Automatic Belt Tension (ABT)

automatic-belt-tensioningAutomatic Belt Tension (ABT) Reduces Belt Wear: As belt continues in operation under normal wear and tear natural elongation and stretch is expected. ABT's unique and patented

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PrecisionLUB – Auto Lubrication

automatic-lubricationDramatic savings in oil consumption and Main Drive Chain maintenance This was when the Automatic Lubrication Package was installed on an exsisting I.J. White Cooler and Blast Freezer System. The

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Auto Pressurization System (APS)

auto-pressurizationWith the I J White Auto Pressurization System (APS), your blast freezer could look like this By combining innovative air pressurization technology with a unique distribution design, the Auto

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